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Commodities Fund (Fund) is committed to providing efficient and reliable credit facilities along the value chain to the satisfaction of the agriculture sector. The Fund will continually improve its Quality Management System through enhanced customer service delivery; to achieve a vibrant, sustainable and profitable scheduled crops in the agricultural sector.


1.        Annually determine customer satisfaction levels, develop and implement programmes aimed at customer satisfaction.

2.        Provide affordable and accessible credit, and ensure disbursement to farmers within 30 days after perfection of security.

3.        Ensure the Fund complies with statutory and regulatory requirements by preparing and submitting quarterly and annual reports and remittance of statutory deductions within the prescribed timelines.

4.        The Fund shall continually improve its services in order to meet customer and other interested parties needs and expectations by acknowledging and responding within 30 days.

5.        Provide leadership and commitment by engaging interested parties in achieving the Funds’ mandate through at least four (4) stakeholder sensitization forums yearly.


To be the financial institution of choice for the agriculture Sector in Kenya.


"To provide easily accessible and affordable credit and financial solutions to the agricultural sector for farm improvement; farm inputs; farming operations; price stabilization; and any other lawfully approved purpose"

Core Values

Ø      Customer focus: We shall discharge our responsibilities with aim of satisfying customer expectations.

Ø       Synergy: We shall harness our team’s different skills and talents towards achieving our mandate.

Ø        Integrity: We are committed to being honest, transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders.

Ø         Efficiency and Effectiveness: We shall execute our responsibilities in a timely and economically manner to achieve desired results.

  Innovativeness: The Fund shall endeavour to be dynamic, unique and foster a culture of creativity.

Core Functions

·         To develop loan products for scheduled agricultural commodities as per commodities Fund’s credit policy, crops Act, 2013, AFFA Act, 2013 and various crops regulations.

·         To advance credit facilities to the Scheduled crops sub sector in Kenya

·         To collect repayments arising from disbursed credit facilities

·         To facilitate capacity building related to agricultural credit facilities

·         To enhance agricultural sector infrastructure development through financing

·         Promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly agricultural technologies

·         To facilitate the flow of research findings to interested parties;

·         To collect, collate and analyze credit database in the targeted scheduled commodities  sector

·         To promote the efficiency and development of agricultural sector through the establishment of appropriate institutional linkages and partnerships; and

To establish and maintain a price stabilization system

·         To perform such other functions as may, from time to time be assigned by the Cabinet Secretary

Target clients

·         Producers (Small and large scale farmers)

Producers’ institutions (Cooperatives, Unions, factories, SACCOs, Out-grower companies

·         Private and government institutions

·         Service Providers for scheduled Crops (processors, Marketers, transporters, exporters, distributors, et cetera.)

Fund’s Motto

“Financing Our Crops, Our Wealth”